Michael Bastian, founder, owner and visionary of Bastian Builders, entered the construction industry while putting himself through college, where he earned Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in petroleum engineering. It was during hours of civil and mechanical engineering coursework when Michael realized his passion for home construction. This enthusiasm led Michael to his first major project where his talent shined through in the renovation of a 90-year-old Victorian home on the streetcar line in New Orleans. Ever since, Michael has been imagining new ways to capture this comforting nostalgia and update it with construction innovations.

Imagine having the opportunity to work with passionate professionals who truly care about your home and your future; professionals who would rather produce one exceptional home than hundreds of satisfactory homes.

When Michael realized his potential in the homebuilding industry, he began establishing relationships with like-minded professionals and tradesmen who appreciated the details as much as he did. These acquaintances have transitioned into Bastianís experienced project managers whose problem-solving abilities and market knowledge complement Michaelís valuable perfectionism. This collaboration has allowed Bastian to produce not just one exceptional home, but many, many exceptional homes throughout Houston.
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